Dear friends!

Thank you so much for all your kind and generous contributions to our campaign. You have collectively made it possible to refilm our show!!!!!! It is has already made a massive difference to us and the future of  Two Legged Animal.
We are currently making a plan and will be in touch very soon when we have the finer details sorted about when and where it is possible to see it can come and watch. And how you can receive your Two Legged perk.
Really looking forward to sharing the show with you and the world
Much love Ziggy, Rowan and Team Ausform

Crowdfunding to reshoot the film of TLA

We need your help to spread the word and support our crowdfunder to reshoot a film of Two Legged Animal.

You can see Ziggy talk about the campaign and the show below or head on over to Indiegogo to check out the project page for Two Legged Animal.

About Two Legged Animal

We had a really beautiful show that was made over a whole year. Two Legged Animal was Ziggy’s first full length performance produced by Ausform, the show previewed at the Wickham Theatre in February 2015 for one night only to a completely sold out audience. Their reaction was wonderful and we were incredibly proud.

Sadly the video that we commissioned of the show for booking purposes got corrupted and all we have is still photography. The problem is that the show is so unique and as this was first work with Ziggy as a lead artist; we are now unable to obtain bookings for what is a great show.

If you could donate a little (or a little bit more!) to help us remount the show in order to document it you’d help to secure the future of a show which we have worked on for so long & help to bring it to hundreds of audiences in the UK and beyond.


£350 Hiring Theatre
£400 Videographer (including post-production work)
£100 Travel & accommodation for musician
£100 Our technician
£100 Rehearsal space (1 day before filming)
£400 Performers & musicians fees
£200 Producing support

£1650 TOTAL

We’re putting in £150 to the project but we need an extra £1500 to make this happen.

How you can help

Please help us by sharing the campaign on twitter, talking about it on facebook, and anything else you can think of! If you are able to donate to indiegogo it really would mean the world to us.

Thank you!

Announcing Two Legged Animal at Canvas

Two Legged Animal has been chosen to be presented at Circus Bites Remix at The Albany on 1st May as part of Canvas in London! 

Bites:Remix is cabaret night of unusual artistic collaborations, with circus at its heart. Forget everything you think you know about circus; BITES:Remix offers new perspectives by placing outstanding acts alongside artists from the worlds of music, dance, theatre and spoken word and comedy. You can already get tickets here for £12/£10.

Canvas is an event tailored for local, national and international promoters and programmers. Canvas aims to improve touring and development opportunities for artists in the UK and abroad, and to increase dialogue between venue programmers, producers and artists across the national and international fields. Canvas is the successor of the showcase Circus Now, which took place April 2013 and drew more than 80 delegates to London. See more about what the delegates will get up to over the course of the 3 days in London here.

See you there London fans & if you saw the preview in Bristol please tell your London pals to come on down!

Audience feedback for Two Legged Animal

We got some wonderful feedback from our audience in Bristol about the Two Legged Animal preview in February. We are really excited about the potential of the show and can’t wait to get it back out again in the near future. Here’s a little peak into what people said about the show:

I really enjoyed the wild feral-ness of it
I couldn’t believe how wonderfully Ziggy’s performance made it feel there was a horse with us. I cried in the first 10 minutes! Thank you so much for this thoughtful & heart-filled show.
Never seen anything like it before!
I liked the simple scenery of the leaves and lighting.

And about the partnership between Ziggy’s movement & Rowan’s music:

The music made a real partnership – very gentle and atmospheric.
You both synced up beautifully – fearless and powerful – the audience went with you willingly.

Also from all the forms filled out the most common words were:

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 14.39.31










Which we’re incredibly proud of – keep your eyes peeled for the next time that Two Legged Animal will be performed!

Images from Two Legged Animal

February seems like quite a while away now that spring is starting to creep in the odd open window and the mornings where a jumper is a better choice than a winter coat. But in actual fact February was pretty jam-packed with performance including the amazing In Between Time festival, VOLT #5 and, of course, Two LeggedAnimal by Ziggy.

With the risk of potentially making the Ausform website the Paul Samuel White fan page we are so pleased to share his beautiful images for Two Legged Animal by Ziggy at the Wickham Theatre in Febuary 2015. We invite you to step back into the arena and remember the performance with these photographs:

TLA for blog

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The timeless relationship between human and horse, women and the wild. Performed with tail-flicking freedom, Ziggy brings to life the drumbeat of timeless hooves and the tension of the rope. The field is a circus and the sawdust is grass. Stark and tender Two Legged Animal is a windswept journey across open landscapes and through the night, encompassing the sensual and animalistic aspects of female empowerment. Ziggy is an aerialist whose background in visual and performance art has given her a reputation for unusual, sculptural and emotionally engaged aerial circus. Her principle skill is corde lisse, performing with beautiful awareness of height, space, physical vulnerability and the sensuality of the discipline.

Lead Artist – Ziggy Slingsby
Music Composed, Arranged and Performed – Rowan Rheingans
Dramaturge – Rob Tannion
Butoh Movement Practitioner – Holly Holt
Outside Eye – John-Paul Zaccarini
Costume Designer – Helena Andersson
Lighting Desginer – Jen Sherlock
Photographer / Videographer- Paul Samuel White
Produced by Ausform

Funded by Arts Council England and supported by Circomedia, DOCH, Jacksons Lane,
University of Bristol and VOLT

Two Legged Animal at the Wickham Theatre

This week is the week!

ezgif.com-makerWe are very excited over here at Ausform HQ. Having been in and out of rehearsals for Two Legged Animal we can safely say that the preview will be fragile, flirtatious, feisty and fantastic.

Check out what other people are saying about Two Legged Animal below. If that doesn’t convince you that you won’t want to miss this then I don’t know what will:

If this doesn't convince you nothing willGet your tickets booked. There’s no booking fee and we do have history of selling out – so don’t miss out! Tickets can be bookedherefor only £9/£5

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